Have a good day-end

I believe that, by now, you would agree with me that the adverse effects of stress are so severe that we should take conscious actions to eliminate it.

Question: what can you do TODAY to eliminate your daily stress levels?

Answer: NOTHING 

Don’t be surprised! Whether you are a working mother, a working father, or a student, life for you is probably a roller-coaster. You are always trying to juggle family, work, hobbies, and whatever else you have on your plate. So, here is my number one recommendation for a less stressful life (and trust me, it works):

Have a good day-end

Weekends are not enough to eliminate stress. Think about it this way: you, maybe unwillingly, force your body and mind to complete several challenging tasks during the day. Therefore, you should also dedicate some time during the day to allow your body and mind to simply be.  The only thing you really need after a long day of running errands is to have 15-minutes or so for yourself. You can choose to do ABSOLUTELY  nothing on your day-end. This will definitely clear your mind. When I say nothing, this includes not scrolling down social media pages on your phone.

You might be like me. You don’t know how to spend time doing nothing. You, more often than not, prefer to work on something. You know that if you don’t have ”structured relaxation time,” your mind will be wandering off to thinking about that presentation you are to give in tomorrow’s meeting. The day-end sheet below will help you relax while still doing something:

Listening to calming music is another right way to end the day. The point I would like to make is that you shouldn’t wait till the weekend to recharge. Especially, nowadays, most of us run errands during weekends as well. 15-minutes every night is not a lot of time, but it will make all the difference in your life. Try it, and I really would love to hear how it worked for you in the comments section below.


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