Dealing with Anxiety

It may not come as a surprise that anxiety is the second most common mental disorder following depression. While anxiety doesn’t directly lead to death, its effects are devastating (more about the effects of anxiety on Healthline). Below are my top tips for dealing with anxiety:

  1. Get Moving: If you are lying in bed, and you get a panic attack, get out of bed immediately and start walking around the house. By doing so, you reassure your brain that everything is alright, and there is no danger. Additionally, you distract it from panicking.
  2. Schedule Anxiety Time: You can’t think straight or get on with your daily activities because your anxious 24/7, and the thoughts just keep coming. You need to literally STOP your thoughts and schedule anxiety time. What this means is that you will dedicate 15 minutes a day or a week (depending on how anxious you are) for negative thoughts to ventilate.
  3. Relaxation Techniques: These tools are essential if you are suffering from anxiety. You need to learn relaxation techniques. Believe me, they do wonders. One of the most straightforward relaxation techniques to do is breathing one. The picture below illustrates how you can breathe in a way that would restore your body to a state of calmness:


You have more control over your body than you think you do! You just need to know-how.


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